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Lace Rocks part 2 :)

In my previous post I talked about the role of lace in Spring/Summer collections this year. I have now managed to get a few pictures of my previous DIY project.

In addition to making a a lace t-shirt (inspired by the shirt Aria wears in Pretty Little Liars) I also designed a low cut top with a lace butterfly on the back.

Here are some photos I took 🙂

The easiest part was cutting out the main parts of the top.


I drew the butterfly free-hand and ironed it onto the back part of the top, I then traced it and cut it out. I used the same stencil to cut out the lace counterpart of the butterfly. While doing that, keep in mind that the lace butterfly needs to be a bit bigger than the stencil.




Once I cut out the butterfly I placed the lace one on the striped material and attached it with needles so I could use zig-zag to trace it.



Since I’m such a shitty planner I managed to NOT take a photo of the finished product….lol. Sorry about that. I can tell you that the top looks amazing, I’m very pleased with it.

To make up for it I have added a photo of my new clutch that was made by…. me of course 😀



Now to the important stuff. I finally quit my job at the cinema and I couldn’t be happier. I do miss my co-workers and going to the cinema when ever I wanted to but I will not miss the stressful customers and crazy days. I’m currently working at a place called Drink Baar and Grill and at Karl Friedrich.

These two places couldn’t be more different from each other but I like them both a lot. Drink gets awesome customers and Karl Friedrich challenges me in other ways, such as, etiquette etc. I’m happy to have two jobs again as I love being super busy all the time 🙂  It stops me from wondering why I have no personal life and why my life seems to be at a complete stand still at the moment.

I better get back to work 🙂 Blog soon!


                                                                                                                 XOXO – Ley 

Lace Rocks!

LACE is the keyword in the Spring of 2012 fashion trends. You can look anywhere and you’ll see lace tops, skirts, blouses etc. Just yesterday I was walking around the local Zara outlet and there was an abundance of lace everywhere.

I tend to not follow the trends that much, however, this is one trend I just happen to adore. It’s so girly, yet you can apply to a more rock-chick look as well. Just imagine, black strappy top, black jeans, studded belt and biker boots and a cream colored lace t-shirt. This actually happens to be the outfit I’m wearing atm. No pics tho as I’m sitting in a cafe and people would just give me strange looks if I started posing by myself 😀

The lace t-shirt that I just mentioned was inspired by Kimichi Blue – Lace Tee – $19.99The t-shirt was worn by Aria in Pretty Little Liars (she wore the cream colored one). As soon as I saw the shirt I knew I needed to have one. The trouble is that in Estonia there’s no point in trying to find anything decent, you’ll look forever. Thankfully I like sewing, so I just headed to the local fabric store and got some stretchy lace. I made my version a bit more tight and the pattern is different but the idea is the same. So far I’ve worn it with casual looks but I can imagine how good it would look with a black pencil skirt and ultra-high heals.

Now that I’m completely obsessed with lace I’ve gone on a bit of a shopping spree. I got some navy colored lace, also stretchy. I also got some fabric with grey and white stripes and I plan on making a simple top. The kick is that I’m going to cut out a butterfly shaped patch and substitute it with the navy colored lace. Now, this is all good in theory but sewing with stretchy fabrics can get tricky. I’ll keep you updated on how things are going.

I also got some black leather and blue lining for a purse I’m going to make my friend Anett for her birthday 🙂 She wanted a light lilac color but I couldn’t find any leather to match her wishes. It’s ok tho, black is timeless and I’m sure she’s gonna love it 😀

XOXO – Ley

When life gives you lemons make brownies…

Hey you guys,
as you might have noticed, I haven’t exactly been posting for the past two months. I don’t really have a solid excuse…I’ve been just really lazy. Winter in Estonia can get really depressing and during the short daylight hours I just don’t feel like doing anything that involves writing. However, fear not, I’ve still been DIY’ing a lot. Let me just get you up to date with my life so far.

I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned that I’m on the board of a fairly sized charity organisation called the Grandparents’ Fund. Basically we name the Grandma and Grandpa of the Year in Estonia. Due to that, my Grandma and I were invited to participate in the Independence Day ball held by the major. It was good fun, especially since I got to dress up in formal wear 🙂

I actually had to borrow the dress since I was super broke and the time was too limited for me to make my own dress. I got this gorgeous dark green frock from a friend and I love her for it. I got so inspired by the dress (as it reminds me of some of the dresses the women in Spartacus, the TV show, wear) that I decided to braid my hair up in Greek style. The overall image was awesome.

Here are some pictures from that night. I also made my own vintage-looking earrings.

Another thing I was doing in the past month was baking…a lot. There’s a local bar called Drink Bar, I’ve mentioned it in this blog before, and the owner, James, had a great idea. He decided that for the next year each month a customer could bake him cakes or pastries and he would sell them  at the bar. The bakers could turn a small profit and have fun at the same time. I was instantly interested since I love baking but I’m not that keen on eating what I bake as I’m not into sweet stuff very much.

I decided to bake brownies. They were very popular. People even bought them to go :). And James was constantly emailing me to order more. All in all I made around 50 euros of profit, which is a lot, considering that it was my first try.
I’ve also been toying around with the idea of making clutches, for sale that is. I love purses and I love making stuff, and I’m very good at it, so why not profit from it a little bit. I tried working fake leather and it turned out really well. I made myself a simple oversized clutch with hot pink lining. All I need now is some designs and capital and a brand name 🙂 Any ideas?

DIY keyboard clutch

I’ve seen pictures of several great keyboard clutches so when I decided to make my own I wanted to make it with a twist. Instead of the traditional black and white combination I used a bright blue and white combination 🙂

I measured out the clutch size and drew they keys on the fabric.

I set the sewing machine on the lowest zig-zag option and I outlined the keys.

Once the front was done I sewed the zipper to the front and the inner lining.

Sew the sides together. Make sure that you leave one side open as you will need to flip the whole thing inside out once you’re done. Insert two pieces of cardboard to make it more sturdy. You’re done 🙂


DIY: Kristen Stewart’s jacket…

…from the Ms photoshoot 🙂

So far this is my 3rd Kstew inspired jacket. The first two are pretty much identical to the photoshoot one with the exception of the second one being light gray and with a red and white pinstriped lining. This third one, however, is slightly different. It was made for wearing mainly with pencil skirts. It’s slightly shorter and the neckline is more round. I still love it. Let’s be honest, I just couldn’t find the original pattern and this was a compromise.

Enjoy the pics: