Fortunate cookies…

The last few days have been super crazy. I worked during the weekend and went out almost every night. Had fun too 😀

I’m now concentrating on organizing my birthday party. I had a super cool idea about a drinking game: Battle Shots and one of my friends gave me a great idea for the theme as well 🙂

I also finally saw the interview I gave with my grandma to a popular tv-show regarding the fund we both manage. It was so cool 😀 Though I must admit, I was shaking badly, but you can’t see that from the video.

I have another interview coming up this Thursday. This time I’m interview as a massive Twerd 😀 aka Twilight Nerd. I guess I better dust of my Twilight books.

As a practice for my birthday menu I attempted making Chinese fortune cookies today….time consuming, highly annoying but so yummy.

All in all things are good. Thursday is going to be exciting with the interview and Breaking Dawn coming out. And I have a sort of a date on Friday so looking forward to that as well 🙂


XOXO – Ley


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