DIY Olympia Le-Tan’s book clutch

Hey ya’ll, so for a very long time I’ve been obsessed with Olympia Le-Tan‘s clutch designs.

Needless to say that I can’t afford the original. I believ that the cheapest ones are around
900 €. I’ve been hunting around for the perfect box to use for a dupe which proved to be
a difficult task. I’m not at home with wood work so I didn’t even attempt to make a box
myself. Last week I was browsing around at a fair and my little sister won a perfect box at

Things you’ll need:

Gold spray paint
Green felt
Black and stitching yarn
A glue gun
Box hinge
A tiny drill

How to:

1) Pick out the perfect box to use.
2) Spray paint the sides gold
3) Measure and cut out a perfect piece from the felt
4) Draw on the desired design
5) Embroider
6) Use a tiny drill to drill holes in the box. Measure carefully where you want to put the
7) Use a screwdriver to screw the hinge on the box.
8) Once you have finished emproydering the cover glue it on the box with your glue gun.
9) Voila, your book clutch is ready for a night out 🙂


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