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DIY keyboard clutch

I’ve seen pictures of several great keyboard clutches so when I decided to make my own I wanted to make it with a twist. Instead of the traditional black and white combination I used a bright blue and white combination 🙂

I measured out the clutch size and drew they keys on the fabric.

I set the sewing machine on the lowest zig-zag option and I outlined the keys.

Once the front was done I sewed the zipper to the front and the inner lining.

Sew the sides together. Make sure that you leave one side open as you will need to flip the whole thing inside out once you’re done. Insert two pieces of cardboard to make it more sturdy. You’re done 🙂



DIY: Kristen Stewart’s jacket…

…from the Ms photoshoot 🙂

So far this is my 3rd Kstew inspired jacket. The first two are pretty much identical to the photoshoot one with the exception of the second one being light gray and with a red and white pinstriped lining. This third one, however, is slightly different. It was made for wearing mainly with pencil skirts. It’s slightly shorter and the neckline is more round. I still love it. Let’s be honest, I just couldn’t find the original pattern and this was a compromise.

Enjoy the pics: