When life gives you lemons make brownies…

Hey you guys,
as you might have noticed, I haven’t exactly been posting for the past two months. I don’t really have a solid excuse…I’ve been just really lazy. Winter in Estonia can get really depressing and during the short daylight hours I just don’t feel like doing anything that involves writing. However, fear not, I’ve still been DIY’ing a lot. Let me just get you up to date with my life so far.

I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned that I’m on the board of a fairly sized charity organisation called the Grandparents’ Fund. Basically we name the Grandma and Grandpa of the Year in Estonia. Due to that, my Grandma and I were invited to participate in the Independence Day ball held by the major. It was good fun, especially since I got to dress up in formal wear 🙂

I actually had to borrow the dress since I was super broke and the time was too limited for me to make my own dress. I got this gorgeous dark green frock from a friend and I love her for it. I got so inspired by the dress (as it reminds me of some of the dresses the women in Spartacus, the TV show, wear) that I decided to braid my hair up in Greek style. The overall image was awesome.

Here are some pictures from that night. I also made my own vintage-looking earrings.

Another thing I was doing in the past month was baking…a lot. There’s a local bar called Drink Bar, I’ve mentioned it in this blog before, and the owner, James, had a great idea. He decided that for the next year each month a customer could bake him cakes or pastries and he would sell them  at the bar. The bakers could turn a small profit and have fun at the same time. I was instantly interested since I love baking but I’m not that keen on eating what I bake as I’m not into sweet stuff very much.

I decided to bake brownies. They were very popular. People even bought them to go :). And James was constantly emailing me to order more. All in all I made around 50 euros of profit, which is a lot, considering that it was my first try.
I’ve also been toying around with the idea of making clutches, for sale that is. I love purses and I love making stuff, and I’m very good at it, so why not profit from it a little bit. I tried working fake leather and it turned out really well. I made myself a simple oversized clutch with hot pink lining. All I need now is some designs and capital and a brand name 🙂 Any ideas?


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