Lace Rocks part 2 :)

In my previous post I talked about the role of lace in Spring/Summer collections this year. I have now managed to get a few pictures of my previous DIY project.

In addition to making a a lace t-shirt (inspired by the shirt Aria wears in Pretty Little Liars) I also designed a low cut top with a lace butterfly on the back.

Here are some photos I took 🙂

The easiest part was cutting out the main parts of the top.


I drew the butterfly free-hand and ironed it onto the back part of the top, I then traced it and cut it out. I used the same stencil to cut out the lace counterpart of the butterfly. While doing that, keep in mind that the lace butterfly needs to be a bit bigger than the stencil.




Once I cut out the butterfly I placed the lace one on the striped material and attached it with needles so I could use zig-zag to trace it.



Since I’m such a shitty planner I managed to NOT take a photo of the finished product….lol. Sorry about that. I can tell you that the top looks amazing, I’m very pleased with it.

To make up for it I have added a photo of my new clutch that was made by…. me of course 😀



Now to the important stuff. I finally quit my job at the cinema and I couldn’t be happier. I do miss my co-workers and going to the cinema when ever I wanted to but I will not miss the stressful customers and crazy days. I’m currently working at a place called Drink Baar and Grill and at Karl Friedrich.

These two places couldn’t be more different from each other but I like them both a lot. Drink gets awesome customers and Karl Friedrich challenges me in other ways, such as, etiquette etc. I’m happy to have two jobs again as I love being super busy all the time 🙂  It stops me from wondering why I have no personal life and why my life seems to be at a complete stand still at the moment.

I better get back to work 🙂 Blog soon!


                                                                                                                 XOXO – Ley 


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