On the agenda…for tomorrow

Tomorrow I shall share my “awesome” experience with paypal. Give you an update on the Caroline’s pearl necklace situation and I will share a very special new project 🙂 A bedazzled checkered shirt….it’s really cool 🙂


Quick Recap

Ok, I know I haven’t been posting for awhile but I’m super busy with organizing my birthday party and work. I promise that as soon as the party is over I shall post a nice and long DIY post 😀

The unexpected…

Sometimes, when depression kicks in, I find it hard to function on a day to day basis.  Today is one of those days. Everything and everyone can be counted as a trigger. Just a little while ago I was watching a movie trailer, some soppy romance drama, and it set me off. I know now that no matter what I do today I won’t feel any better.

I have several different triggers. Such as emotional music (for instance the title sequence for Terra Nova always leaves me all teary), parades (can’t watch Princess Diaries without crying),  soppy love stories….seriously, why can’t life be like a movie sometimes. I so need some of that action.

The only thing that usually keeps me going is some sort of a project. Currently I’m using my blog as a creative outlet. And it actually works too which, I suppose, is a good thing.

When I feel sad or depressed or just plain useless I make lists. Number one, get a purpose, a goal, a plan. Number two, storyboard it, and so it goes.  Organizing my life helps me to function and most times it cheers me up.

I haven’t done a single useful thing today. Unless you count musing as something useful. However, I do have the ability to put a deadline on things. Such as, deadline for the time I’m allowed to cry when I’m sad or heart-broken etc. The deadline for this weird mood is until 10pm, as then I’m going to see a movie with a very dear friend who is excellent at cheering me up.

Like Bella in New Moon I didn’t choose a cute movie, instead we’re going to see Immortals in 3D. I have no idea what to expect, hell, I don’t think I’ve even seen the trailer yet 😛 But that’s the best part of tonight….the unexpected 🙂 Wish me luck!