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Walking among the chestnuts

During my morning walk today I saw these gorgeous chestnuts on the ground. I’m now inspired to create a necklace using those chestnuts.


I have also convinced my mom to come to town with me (her place is around 5 km away from the nearest town). THere’s this awesome little craft store….super expensive…..but it has more stuff than the stores in Tallinn do. I need supplies.

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow. Firstly I have a doctor’s appointment and secondly I gotta head back to Tallinn. I so enjoy my short stays in Paide. They are good for recharging my batteries.

I’m also looking for a new book series to read. The last one was Opal Cowan series by Maria V. Sneyder. Super good. Talks about magic. I’m open for suggestions 🙂