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Lace Rocks part 2 :)

In my previous post I talked about the role of lace in Spring/Summer collections this year. I have now managed to get a few pictures of my previous DIY project.

In addition to making a a lace t-shirt (inspired by the shirt Aria wears in Pretty Little Liars) I also designed a low cut top with a lace butterfly on the back.

Here are some photos I took 🙂

The easiest part was cutting out the main parts of the top.


I drew the butterfly free-hand and ironed it onto the back part of the top, I then traced it and cut it out. I used the same stencil to cut out the lace counterpart of the butterfly. While doing that, keep in mind that the lace butterfly needs to be a bit bigger than the stencil.




Once I cut out the butterfly I placed the lace one on the striped material and attached it with needles so I could use zig-zag to trace it.



Since I’m such a shitty planner I managed to NOT take a photo of the finished product….lol. Sorry about that. I can tell you that the top looks amazing, I’m very pleased with it.

To make up for it I have added a photo of my new clutch that was made by…. me of course 😀



Now to the important stuff. I finally quit my job at the cinema and I couldn’t be happier. I do miss my co-workers and going to the cinema when ever I wanted to but I will not miss the stressful customers and crazy days. I’m currently working at a place called Drink Baar and Grill and at Karl Friedrich.

These two places couldn’t be more different from each other but I like them both a lot. Drink gets awesome customers and Karl Friedrich challenges me in other ways, such as, etiquette etc. I’m happy to have two jobs again as I love being super busy all the time 🙂  It stops me from wondering why I have no personal life and why my life seems to be at a complete stand still at the moment.

I better get back to work 🙂 Blog soon!


                                                                                                                 XOXO – Ley 


DIY Caroline Channing’s Chunky Crystal Bracelet

Someone once suggested that I should make a DIY version of the bracelet Caroline often wears in 2 Broke Girls. I decided that today is asgood a day as any and went to get supplies. And since I got my hands on a decent camera I was able to take some pictures and write a tutorial 🙂

Things you’ll need:

Round nose pliers

Wire cutter

Different sized chain (I chose only gold colored chain)

Necklace closing thingie (beats me what it’s actually called…hehee)

Gold wire

Tear drop shaped glass beads


How to:

1) Start by measuring a short length of thinner chain, it should go half way around your wrist. I decided to cut the piece in half and attach the closing thingie 🙂 and a jump ring.

2) Start attaching the chains. I made them all different length so that they would look a bit layered.

3) I used gold wire to attach the two crystal like beads that I found at a cool shop called Karnalux.

4) Voilaa, your bracelet is ready for wearing….it matches Caroline’s Chunky Pearl Necklace 😀

Walking among the chestnuts

During my morning walk today I saw these gorgeous chestnuts on the ground. I’m now inspired to create a necklace using those chestnuts.


I have also convinced my mom to come to town with me (her place is around 5 km away from the nearest town). THere’s this awesome little craft store….super expensive…..but it has more stuff than the stores in Tallinn do. I need supplies.

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow. Firstly I have a doctor’s appointment and secondly I gotta head back to Tallinn. I so enjoy my short stays in Paide. They are good for recharging my batteries.

I’m also looking for a new book series to read. The last one was Opal Cowan series by Maria V. Sneyder. Super good. Talks about magic. I’m open for suggestions 🙂