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DIY: Kristen Stewart’s jacket…

…from the Ms photoshoot 🙂

So far this is my 3rd Kstew inspired jacket. The first two are pretty much identical to the photoshoot one with the exception of the second one being light gray and with a red and white pinstriped lining. This third one, however, is slightly different. It was made for wearing mainly with pencil skirts. It’s slightly shorter and the neckline is more round. I still love it. Let’s be honest, I just couldn’t find the original pattern and this was a compromise.

Enjoy the pics:


DIY Caroline Channing’s Chunky Crystal Bracelet

Someone once suggested that I should make a DIY version of the bracelet Caroline often wears in 2 Broke Girls. I decided that today is asgood a day as any and went to get supplies. And since I got my hands on a decent camera I was able to take some pictures and write a tutorial 🙂

Things you’ll need:

Round nose pliers

Wire cutter

Different sized chain (I chose only gold colored chain)

Necklace closing thingie (beats me what it’s actually called…hehee)

Gold wire

Tear drop shaped glass beads


How to:

1) Start by measuring a short length of thinner chain, it should go half way around your wrist. I decided to cut the piece in half and attach the closing thingie 🙂 and a jump ring.

2) Start attaching the chains. I made them all different length so that they would look a bit layered.

3) I used gold wire to attach the two crystal like beads that I found at a cool shop called Karnalux.

4) Voilaa, your bracelet is ready for wearing….it matches Caroline’s Chunky Pearl Necklace 😀

DIY: Chestnut necklace

Yesterday I collected some chestnuts and decided to use them to make a funky necklace. I got some brown pearls to go with it and I had some chain leftover from another DIY.

The hardest part was to pierce through the chestnut to pull a wire through for loops on both ends. I decided to use a thick needle and round nose pliers. Be careful when you do that. I managed to stab my finger and it hurt….A LOT!

Once you’ve pierced the chestnut you can pull wire through it and create loops on both ends thus turning the chestnut into a massive bead 😀

From then on it’s up to you, whether you want to make the necklace entirely from chestnuts, adding beads or chains or whatever else you like. That’s the beauty of a DIY project, you can change it as you see fit 🙂


I went for the natural look, used brown beads to match the chestnut color and slight chain. I actually used double to give it a more bulky look.


My mom and my sister loved this necklace so much that I’m already commissioned to make them their own versions. And I’m also gonna add a listing to my Etsy shop 🙂