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One fourth of the way to a 100

So on Friday the 25th of November I had my 25th birthday. A big one for me 😀 Though, let’s be honest, I’m not too worried about getting older….I did get ID’d at the store while buying vodka on that very morning.

I spent 7 hours cooking for 15 people….sadly only 8 turned up, but oh well. It was still loads of fun. We played a few party games, drank a lot and made a mess in my apartment. Gosh that was fun to clean up this morning :S

A friend of mine gave me a vibrator as a gift for a gag 😀 GUess she knew how lonely I was going to feel during those upcoming long winter nights 😛

I’m glad everyone liked my cooking, I did work hard on it. I discovered cream cheese frosting which is heavenly. Highly recommended for cupcakes. And as a tradition I served my super good, moist, awesome chocolate cake. I have the recipe ever since I worked at this cute restaurant in Tallinn this past summer. I’m willing to share the recipe with you guys but I must warn you: This cake is severely addictive.


Enjoy the awesome cake tutorial:

The Best Cake EVER

Chocolate 0.350 grams

Butter 0.060 grams

Sugar 0.150 grams

Baking powder 0.0075 grams

Vanilla 0.0075 grams

Flour 0.050 grams

White chocolate 0.180 grams

Eggs 4

Almonds 0.050 grams

Black plums 0.050 grams

1) Melt the chocolate with the butter

2) Mix the flour with the baking powder.

3) Whisk the eggs with the sugar, vanilla and chopped up almonds and plums

4)  Add the flour and baking powder to the eggs, stir well. Add the melted chocolate and butter, stir well.

5) Bake in 160 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes

6) Melt the white chocolate and pour it on the cake


Note! You are going to need a proper kitchen scale for this recipe but it’s so worth the effort. Enjoy!


XOXO – Ley




Walking among the chestnuts

During my morning walk today I saw these gorgeous chestnuts on the ground. I’m now inspired to create a necklace using those chestnuts.


I have also convinced my mom to come to town with me (her place is around 5 km away from the nearest town). THere’s this awesome little craft store….super expensive…..but it has more stuff than the stores in Tallinn do. I need supplies.

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow. Firstly I have a doctor’s appointment and secondly I gotta head back to Tallinn. I so enjoy my short stays in Paide. They are good for recharging my batteries.

I’m also looking for a new book series to read. The last one was Opal Cowan series by Maria V. Sneyder. Super good. Talks about magic. I’m open for suggestions 🙂

Caroline’s Chunky Pearl Necklace

PS! I have the item on sale on ETSY

Lately I’ve been slightly obsessed with a new TV show called the 2 Broke Girls. There’s a character who wears and awesome pearl necklace and I wanted one just like it. I Googled and researched my little ass off but I couldn’t find anything. So, I decided to go ahead and make my own.

Here’s my inspiration:

Enjoy my tutorial 🙂 Sorry that it’s not very detailed, but I’ve never really written one before so go easy on me 😀

I found the pearls at this super cool store in Tallinn, it has everything a crafter could ever need 🙂

At first I wasn’t too sure about the chain as it was super gold….way over the top, but I’m happy with the final product 🙂